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Nitoproof AW Light Grey
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Specification of Nitoproof AW Light Grey

Polyurethane single liquid type exposure water repellent

Product Overview
Naitoprof PU 1K is one-component type waterproofing agent with excellent physical properties such as elongation, adhesion, elasticity and impact resistance. It can be used immediately without stirring the base and hardener during work. 1.5mm coating is possible.
Also, it is a rooftop waterproof product with excellent smoothness and elastic effect of coating.

For even general buildings, APT, such as the roof exposed repellant bathroom, toilet, etc. Waterproof middle and top coat of bottom layer that requires a resilient first (various stadiums, office, gym, playroom, etc.) severe vibration power generation room, Waterproofing of concrete structures in machinery rooms and factories

a room temperature curing the workability is good.
Because it forms seamless waterproof layer, it is easy to construct complex part or vertical part.
It is possible to prevent the bottom surface from cracking due to the coating film.
Excellent in water resistance, durability and chemical resistance.
It is easy to repair even if the waterproof layer breaks.
It is easy to construct in one-component type and overall construction cost is reduced.
There is no defect due to mixing even if it is not a construction expert because it is one liquid type.

Dosage: 1,4 kg/m2 (1 mm thickness)

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