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Sika Deck Seal 590
Sika Deck Seal 590
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Specification of Sika Deck Seal 590

Sikalastic-590 is a one component polyurethane-acrylic dispersion with water ponding resistance, UV resistance, good cracking bridging large capacity and aesthetics. For manual / spray applications, Sikalastic-590 can be applied as a reinforced coating or liquid applied membrane with Sika-120 Reemat .

For waterproofing solutions both in construction and new repair projects
For roofs with lots of detail and complex geometry when accessibility is limited
For efficient life cycle costs the extension of the roof fails For the reflective layer to increase energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs (Sikalastic-590 White)

Good behavior under a limited water pool, resistant to UV light and resistant to yellowing and weathering.
Very elastic and crack-bridging
Non-toxic and VOC-based water based coating One component - ready for use
Excellent adhesion to porous and non-porous substrates Seamless waterproofing membrane
Steam permeable water

Color: Gray and White
Packaging: 4 kg

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