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  • Injeksi Beton System
  • Injeksi Beton System
  • Injeksi Beton System
  • Injeksi Beton System
  • Injeksi Beton System
  • Injeksi Beton System
  • Injeksi Beton System

Services Description Concrite Injection System

Waterproofing Injection Grouting

Working methods Concrete Waterproofing Injection Grouting

And Injection Polyurethan


Leak-deep sleep rift Area 3 S / D 7 Cm Up Form Letter V
Doing Drilling In areas that already Dibobok For Pipe Fitting Peker With Distance 20 cm.
Doing Piping Peker Injection
Grouting, pluging Area Already Dibobok Guna Currently Used Material Injection Not Out Of Concrete. Grouting pluging Using This Material Sikaset, Accelerator Mixed With Cement.
Doing Injection Grouting All-Pipa Pipa Peker Already Fitted Material Using This Material Injection Intraplast And Cement Or Polyurethan.
Cutting Pipe Peker Already In Injection.
Fireplace / Finishing Used bobokan Grouting Injection.
Tools used

1 Grinding Machine
1 Piece Compressors
1 Piece Tubes Injection
1 Fruit Machine Injection Polyurethan
1 Spoon Cement
2 Buckets
4 Fruit Bor
4 Rool Cables
Palu, Sculpture, Kape, Roskam, Sterofoam
And others

Work Safety Equipment


Helem Project
Building Safety Net
And His Other Safety

Concrete Grouting Injection System Scope of Application

Concrete Grouting Injection System In general, to Executed On Any Structural Concrete Construction as following:

The tunnel, Pier, Bridge, Basement, Reservoir, Stp, Swimming Pool, Roof Dak, Dak Bathroom, Columns Beams, Pit lifts, Concrete Floor, And Other Building Various Forms.

Materials Used

Sikaset, Accelerator, Materials for Adhesives Or Pengereas Semen On When Installation Peker / Pipe, Leak In Area kropos Already Dibobok-deep 3-7 cm, and at a Time To Cover The Concrete Surface Cracks, kropos, Leaked, To Current Injection Materials Used To No Exit Dri Concrete injection.
Intraplas, Chemicals What Works For Mixed Cement For Injection And Also Serves To Sticking Between Old And New Concrete.

Tools That Are Used
A Tubes Designed to Fit Today's World Progress Construction Tube Compressor Such Pressed With the Wind With The Power Of 60-70 Kg / M2, So Above Materials Used to Sign With Perfect.

Grouting Injection System Function
Restoring Concrete Structures Missing Perfect When Casting As Cracked, kropos, Leaking, Damaged Structurally, the existence Injection It then restore Concrete Perfect, For Repairs The Whole Using Fillers That Has Personality And Power Reliable Technically, Jobs injection System This Ensure success With The satisfactory Due Done With meticulously By-Technician Technician Experienced Us.


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