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Services Description Membrane Torching


Torch-on waterproofing membrane is a flexible waterproofing, made from APP (Atactic Poly - Propylene) modified bitumen, which is reinforced with polyster non woven material. Has a surface coated with sand (Sand broadcast) and the bottom is coated with polyethylene to facilitate installation


Anti-moisture waterproof material for basement walls against damp water and soil filters.
Waterproof material for supporting walls
Waterproof material on a flat roof is made of a protective layer
Waterproof material for flat and exposed roofs and ceramic tiles
Waterproof material on a flat roof on a balcony / terrace before ceramics

Weather resistant
Has good tensile and elongation strength
High moisture resistance
Dimensional stability is good
Flexible at low temperatures
Easy to apply, by burning (torch)
Not resistant to plant root penetration
Suitable as the top layer on a variety of uses
Good resistance to mechanical impact, must be applied on a flat and smooth surface

Cleanliness of the location must be clean and flat
The location is cleaned first of dust, sand, used mortar, soil, oil and gravel
Installation of the location that has been cleaned
Plamir drying for the location is open 2-3 hours and the location is closed 3-5 hours
Installation of waterproofing membrane by torch on and overlapping arrangement with a distance of 5 cm (lane knitting)
Torch - on membrane waterproofing must be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions and written specifications by the applicator who has experience in the field and approved by the company designated as the applicator
Membrane torch-on lane per lane application with overlaving 5-10 cm.

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